No Fear Rocks Wiltern Theater

No Fear presented hard rock like you've never seen it before with a mixture of metal in between. Opening act Cancer Bats tore up the stage around 7:30 doing an half hour set of their hits off their latest record "Hail Destroyer", from the title track to killer hit "Pneumonia Hawk." A soon as they left the stage fans awaiting the arrival of Orange Country's Bleeding Through who hit the stage around 8:20 playing until 9PM performing old hits and new hits off their upcoming record "Declaration," due out this September, their set list included "Love in Slow Motion," "Kill To Believe," "Revenge I Seek," "Love Lost in a Hail of Gun Fire," and a ton of others that got the pits tattered and torn to pieces. The crowd was screaming their lungs out getting thrown around like rag dolls going over the railing and onto the security guards. The steam of the sweat fell upon the hundreds of bodies in motion of the beat of the music which was pretty intense. Once the sweat had drained away the crowds in the Wiltern Theater vanished and went to take quick break. But the break soon ended as the crowds rushed back into the theater and rushed to their seats and towards the stage. As the fans chanted for Bullet For My Valentine to get on stage, Pantera's "I'm Broken," played and soon ended as the lights dimmed down and shined upon the curtain covering the set up as the curtain dropped after Pantera's track was finished playing. Their stood in all their glory was the one and only Bullet For My Valentine, who opened the set with their titled track "Scream, Aim, Fire," and then broke out into a 90 minute set list of such hits off "The Poison," "Tears Don't Fall," "Spit You Out," 4 Words To Choke Upon," "Suffocating Under the Words of Sorrow," All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)," and newer hits "Hearts Burst Into Fire," "Say Goodnight," "Disappear," "Deliver Us from Evil," and other smashers "Eye of the Storm," and concluded the evening with "Waking the Demon," which torn up the whole theater from the top to the very bottom. As Matt Tuck encouraged the crowd to come on down and get involved with the three different "Walls Of Death" he wanted to form. The three were formed and ready to rumble killing anyone who got in the way, as soon as Matt said "GO" the walls erupted with full force energy as people went flying all over soaked in sweat and drenched in water and one another's spit. The crowd was intense and highly entertaining and went along well with each and every song performed, rather it'd be clapping along to an introduction of a track or singing-along to the tune of their choosing. No Fear put out a killer tour line-up that does not disappoint.

1. Scream, Aim, Fire
2. Disappear
3. Four Words To Choke Upon
4. Tears Don't Fall
5. Say Goodnight
6. Suffocating Under the Words of Sorrow
7. All These Things I Hate
8. Spit You Out
9. Eye of the Storm
10. Hearts Burst Into Fire
11. Hand Of Blood
12. Waking the Demon

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