Bluey’s BIG Play Brings Bluey to Hollywood!

Australian pre-school animated television series Bluey; came into the mix back in 2018 and come 2020 it just blew up into such an unbelievable show and series, as a whole that even now in 2023 it's still going strong. So much so, that in fact it’s going on tour in a live production show titled you guessed it well sort of, not really “Bluey Live” BUT instead “Bluey’s Big Play”!

It making it’s rounds across the U.S. hitting California as it were, coming down to Los Angeles in the city of Hollywood! Playing as a part of Broadway in Hollywood, and taking place out of all places the Dolby Theater, where yes all of the red carpeted events, like the Oscars among others would be held!

Various musicals have been shown at this venue as of late, including Bluey! "Bluey's Big Play" is a live stage show based on the television series Bluey. Except this show is live in-person with personal working personal puppets the size of people! Each of the puppet's facial expressions like eyes and eyebrows, arms and legs, can be moved by the puppeteer. If a prop is need this is also where the puppeteer comes in handy, get it? Also the puppeteers present do not provider the voice over work, all the audio used was pre-recorded and used as a voice over via the track provided for the entirety of the show, including the music itself. 

The show itself follows the family known as the Heeler's, as they spend a full day from the sun going up to the sun going down for the day right into the night time for bedtime! Bluey and her sister Bingo want to keep their dad Bandit from reading on his phone, plus Bluey's mom Chilli talk of being a good big sister and example for Bingo. The show runs for 50 minutes, whilst the actual Bluey television episodes last a good 8 minutes each, so it's about six times the length of an episode, but I'd say just not long enough for a live stage show such as Bluey. I say they could have easily extended the run time to perhaps 60 if not maybe 90 minutes at the maximum. But perhaps another live stage show will consider it and tell another story of the Heeler family!

All in all though, “Bluey’s Big Play” was a success out in Hollywood, for a 2PM afternoon show, which was close to selling out completely. Seats were filled with happy faces with lots of families in tow. The show may have not been very long in time length, but it was worth the time spent, witnessing a what could be likely called someday soon a TV icon Bluey come to life on stage, spreading smiles, giggles, and pure joy under one roof out in tinsel town.

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