Black Veil Brides Re-Visit Debut Album In Virtual Live Stream Show!

In celebration of two anniversaries, one being the ten years since California locals Black Veil Brides went on tour, in promotion of their debut album “We Stitch These Wounds”, as well as another anniversary celebration of said debut album itself. This causing the band to go even further to do a re-recorded version of the entire debut album, and to celebrate some more, they would go on to do their first ever virtual concert performance. Performing where that promotional tour was held tn years ago, the famous Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, California!

The virtual concert would be held in the afternoon 2PM PST time, streamed live all over the world via the Veeps website, tickets costing only $10, with one other offering costing $50 with the addition of a t-shirt added to the ticket pricing. Whichever method chosen though, the band would go live on the air, a little after 2PM, performing for the first time in it’s entirety their debut album “We Stitch These Wounds”.

Consisting of 12-tracks, all of which were performed from front to back except for one track titled “The Mortician's Daughter”, which was performed live via violin solo. Minus this little mishap, the entire performance ran for a good 50 minutes from start to finish. The venue being emptied as an echo was rung out throughout, you could hear the vocalization and instrumentation rather nicely this way, without the cries and cheers from roaring fans. It made the performance just more gripping and entertaining.

Andy Biersack or known previously during the debut album days as Andy Six, did a superb job providing harmony and vocalizing during said performance. The “screams” sung on the selection of tracks given, sounded fierce yet intense at times, making the band’s newer material sound just a tad disappointing, that he doesn’t supply his vocal screams more often. He is clearly capable of doing so, perhaps on future content, screams will make a come back?

Drumming, bass, and guitar work was done nicely, heavily intense yet visual and loud throughout. Each of the 12-tracks just gave off a very satisfied listening experience. Having Andy acknowledge the audience watching the live cast, thanking them on and off from numerous songs sung. Lighting was done nicely too, making the exposure that more enjoyable to witness really.

All in all though, the band did a nice job, had a good set, with a little throw back that made fans from the start, middle, and end of their career’s as musicians, very well pleased indeed. To those who bought tickets, if the Veep’s page is refreshed you are permitted to re-watch the entire performance, for how long no precise telling yet. But perhaps this live broadcast will receive a DVD release or permanent placement on YouTube or one of BVB’s outlets at another cost or free for all, only time will tell once the veil arises.


1. The Outcasts (Call To Arms)
2. We Stitch These Wounds
3. Beautiful Remains
4. Children Surrender
5. Perfect Weapon
6. Knives and Pens
7. The Mortician's Daughter Violin Solo
8. All Your Hate
9. Heaven's Calling
10. Never Give In
11. Sweet Blasphemy
12. Carolyn

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