Silene Releases New Video and New Single for "Unseen Memories"

Silene is a gothic influenced band from Tampere, Finland. The band was formed in 2004 and has five members. Their music is mainly influenced by traditional gothic rock but the musical preferences of each band member also spice up the songs with elements of pop, rock, punk and classical music. Perhaps this is the reason for their success because their music is easily accessible and enjoyed by people with different musical tastes. And indeed, Silene is deliberately making music that goes beyond strict genre categorizations. Silene has a well established follow-up and eager fans all over the world, from Russia to Mexico.

Silene has previously released a five song EP “107 Raven Road” in 2006, a three song EP “In The Middle” and the debut album “All Our Yesterdays” in 2012. Silene is also featured in several compilations.

Silene’s new single “Unseen Memories” also well represents their musical variety. It contains a more rocking song “Unseen Memories”, and a melodic ballad called “For You”. Physical single is released May 5th by Secret Entertainment.

The members of Silene have a long history in music business. They’ve played with several different bands, starting from the early punk bands like Kuolleet Kukat, Marionetti and Fucking Finland, to well known gothic bands like Suruaika and Two Withces. The singer, Katinka, is also currently performing with a gipsy band called Romales.

Check out the video HERE.

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