Mastodon - Live At Brixton

Mastodon now their an act you can either love or hate. While the band has been around for quite sometime touring about and releasing albums, EPs, singles, and videos, they have run their course of action. Thus they continue to develop their skill set as they grow which has lead them to release a digital CD/DVD release with 24-tracks of solid good Mastodon material. This being all recorded and shot at the Brixton Academy where other musicians have performed over the years. Now Mastodon is up for it and in return they have released a combination that is quite pleasing for everyone. Mastodon's "Live At Brixton" release covers a wide range of tunes these guys have released over the years, some include songs like "Black Tongue", "Sleeping Giant", "Crack The Skye", and "Blood and Thunder". Each of these songs along with the rest is put into full on effect here, the instrumentals working spot on making the material really jump at you as if you were there yourself. The energy from the crowd witnessing and band playing really goes hand in hand each end not letting up one bit. They both take turns if not come together having everyone there being entertained throughout the entire performance structure. Mastodon's "Live At Brixton" digital CD/DVD is a real live exposure and experience to what these guys know how to do. They have always had it in them it just needed more pushing than where it was from, taking their skills further pushing the limits in this live performance set.

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