City Bear - Mournography

During a time of which horror was hyped up various bands sprawled upon the music scene with their horror misfit ways from The Misfits to Wednesday 13, Calabrese, Michael Graves, Mad Sin, Blitzkid, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Order of the Fly, The Creepshow, the list was endless it seemed but Church For Sinner's was just another one of those bands added on who had their time to shine touring, writing and recording material for several releases. But everything came to a end a short while later causing the members to go their own ways including frontman vocalist Andy Wylie who has now formed a solo project called City Bear.

A name he says he wanted to use so he would write solo material without needing to use his real name on everything so using this substitute would be better suited. With that he went on to of course write and record material leading him to release a debut full-length with 11-tracks that combines the likes of indie, rock, pop, folk, blues, and even some country to be called "Mournography". While listening in to such tracks as "Get Worse Soon", "Save Me", Homeward Bound and Gagged", "Something Wicked", and "Til We Meet Again", all brought to mind a sort of artists like Gavin DeGraw meets Gary Jules using both of their traits and musical rhythms to create something unique yet entangles between them.

The instrumentals are mellow driven with dramatic effect that keeps a soothing source of music running from start to finish of each song, while the lyrical context is very heartfelt and passionate at times if you will. In short the two together works well bringing a drama mellow vibe with upbeat passions crossing over every now and again.

City Bear's debut is a solid piece of work that combines a variety of genres with various style focus that really makes the listening experience enjoyable and fun!

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