Whispers Of Wonder- The First Year

Whispers Of Wonder released an EP "The First Year", and now that they have gotten signed with Standby Records alongside a lot of the other greats Davey Suicide and Modern Day Escape their ease of style is surly no problem within this day and age of modern day music.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Whispers Of Wonder create a new form and style of music they classify as "melodic wondercore".  The description couldn't be more dead on. Having a growing fan base within their hometown of Portland a ton of ears have come to hear their musical abilities bringing in fans of other infamously acts such as Alesana, Asking Alexandria, Chomp Chomp Attack, Snow White's Poison Bite, among others.

Their style blends the use of screaming tactics with rip roaring guitar riffs with busting drum beats that keeps the music flowing but electric! Songs like "To You My Love", "The Great Divide", and "Plague of the Broken Hearted", clearly states that electric force buried deep within the melody and lyrical content.

These musicians have paved the way to create their style in their own fashion and way and have done so first hand and will spread the pave way far and wide once their full-length debut hits the streets within the New Year.

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