A Killer Interview with Morphine Killer

Morphine Killer is a killing machine that has entered the music domain and will not go away anytime soon. Their debut efforts has been streaming non-stop on their MySpace page getting all the music goodness rotating as much as possible. The band recently spoke to me about how they got together and the debut album along with anything and everything else that can be contained within a band!

1. How, when, and why did you form?

We formed in July 2007, because we were tired of not writing music anymore. It’s just two of us, so Eski started writing instrumentals and Belle Roko joined in after some songs were ready to put vocals over.

2. Who do you consider your major influences?

Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead, and anyone that has a sound they can call their own.

3. How would you describe your sound?

A mix of gothic, heavy metal, with some progressive parts mixed in.

4. What are a majority of your songs about? Is there an underlying theme?

We tend to write songs about people or situations that make us angry or frustrated. It’s easy to just write a song about one topic, but we try to make our songs almost like little stories.

5. What are your immediate music career goals?

To get our name and our music out to as many people as we can.

6. What are your long-term music goals?

Eventually to play shows and hopefully to play with some of our favorite bands!

7. What kinds of instrumentals do you guys prefer?
The kind where one of the instruments can take a lead and substitute for the vocals. Dream Theater is amazing at that.

8. Explain your ideas of an ideal show?

It would be really amazing to have a nice dark theme, and a really eerie vibe on stage. Sort of Alice Cooper-ish, if you will.

9. Out of all the shows you have played, is there one that stands out as a favorite? Is so, please explain.

We haven’t played any shows yet.

10. Who are some of your favorite bands to share the stage with? Can you name some of the bigger bands that you've played with if any?

Sorry! No shows under our belt… yet.

11. Briefly describe your music making process.

Eski will usually start with a guitar, riff, bass riff, drum beat… anything to start off the song. After that, we take the songs in sections, and slowly build from there. Almost like trying to build your dream home, except with guitar riffs :-).

12. What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Were you able to overcome it?

Our biggest challenge so far is not having a live band. At the moment, we have no overcome it, but we soon will.

13. What advice do you have for fans who want to start their own bands?

Always follow through with your own vision, because that is what you will be happiest with. And also, keep in contact, or find people who you can play music with.

14. Why should people know about you? What sets you apart?

We’ve been in several bands already, played a decent amount of shows, but this new project is our real vision. We’re doing the songs how we want to do them, and we are our own harshest critics!

15. Whats next for you guys? Any upcoming tours, releases, anything of that nature?

We are working on a follow up to our Unapologetic EP, and hopefully will assemble a live band to be able to bring this music to life. Check our site, www.morphinekiller.com for updates!

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