The Grave Slaves - Roam with the Dead

Horror punk has stuck my interest since the days of listening to The Misfits and then newer generations like Calabrese which has lead me to The Grave Slaves and their release "Roam with the Dead". It's horror punk with psychobilly, rockabilly, and gothabilly all mixed together giving you a total glimpse into the afterlife all at once.

"Suicide", "Devil in Disguise", "Blood Red", "Crazy Psycho", and "Till Death", are the sum of the matter that truly matter on this release. Each tune has its own formula having good lyrics and good vibrations with each song. A lot of the material clearly being influenced by The Misfits if you hadn't taken notice already. It's an album that has a solid sound that sticks to the horror punk trek not really picking up on any other style genre at times. These guys can surly expand their variety of abilities and will likely do so on another release later on.

"Roam with the Dead" is one of those first glimpse releases that gives you an in-sight into how the band sounds and what they are capable of doing, these guys being quite able to stand a ground they can walk upon with every striding step.

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