Incite - All Out War

Incite's thrash metal style brings to mind that of Battlecross meets old school Pantera with their "All Out War" release. Opener "The Aftermath", really builds things up having it all do a run of course having only songs like "Hopeless", "Exposed", "Die Alone", and "Departure" be the true calling cards at play here.

These alone are played rather well really exposing the maturity and development from where the band first came - way back when their debut "The Slaughter" surfaced in 2009. As it turns out Richie Cavalera the vocals behind the microphone, did his role in other projects from Soulfly, Cavalera Consipiracy, and even Sepultura going further back when. Now that Incite has reached a true meaning to his and the abilities as his bandmates, there is no turning back for them.

It's an evolution that remains clear across the record, every element stands out in full effect. Nothing but loud, aggressive, aggression easily winning on even more fans with every musical aspiration that crosses their minds and paths as one.

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