Edge Of Attack Settles their Differences about Debut Album

Edge Of Attack has gotten signed to Spread The Metal Records going back to re-record as well as write some new tunes that weren't featured on the demo version of their self-titled debut. Now that everything is better than ever before, they have set their eyes upon the prize of getting their music out for everyone to see and hear! The entire band took sometime to discuss the differences between the demo and final versions of this exciting release!

1. Your Self-titled previous release you had sent me featured a track called "Crimson Rain" why did you decide to not include it on this version?

The copy you received was, more or less, a demo version of the album we are set to release on February 19th  on Spread The Metal Records. The final version has been overhauled significantly from what you originally heard, which includes the re-recording of many of the instrument and vocal tracks. The songs are so much more well-rounded, and complete, in our opinion. However, 'Crimson Rain' was a song we felt did not contribute to the overall feel and theme of the rest of the album.

2. This release features 2 new tracks that weren't included in the previous release "In Hell" and "In The Night" can you tell me about them?

We had been working on both tracks while we were preparing for the original independent release date that we had set for the album, and they had both come along so well. So much, that we decided to add them in the place of 'Crimson Rain.' We believe that both songs flow much better, and compliment the rest of the album to give the listener a better feel for us and what has inspired us. 'In Hell' is the single we're promoting right now, and we believe it encompasses the greater part of the musical styles that comprise Edge of Attack. It's heavy, it's fast, yet has the melodic chorus that you would hear in traditional power metal. 'In the Night,' is a slightly different beast, showcasing a more grassroots approach to our styling's.

3. Andrew Triebel did the previous artwork but did he also do the artwork for this new version or was it someone totally different?

The artwork for the official release was done by the very talented Caio Caldas of CadiesArt, based out of Brazil. Seeing as we are now a part of a record label, we took the opportunity to reinvent and polish the album. Caio's work is so phenomenal; we couldn't resist his offer to work on something for us. If you listen to the album from start to finish, you will be able to hear and see the connection between the artwork and the music that we have put together, so we feel this change was the right choice.

4. You went ahead and re-recorded all of the songs from the copy you gave me, why did you go and do this?

With our signing to Spread The Metal Records, we were given access to several tools that had not previously been available to us, most notably, access to a very talented man named Sheldon Zaharko. Sheldon is a Juno award-winning engineer that has played roles in recordings with such amazing musicians as Rob Halford, Marilyn Manson, and Devin Townsend. In addition to this, Jurekk had perfected several new recording/production techniques during the original recordings that would prove to be extremely useful in crafting a better sounding album. Having both Jurekk and Mr. Zaharko, and the time to pull it off, we felt we would be crazy not to give this album the treatment it deserved.

5. Spread The Metal Records is the label to call home for you guys but how did the signing come about? Are you happy with being a part of their family?

We were literally days away from our original independent release of our self-titled album when we were contacted by Spread The Metal. Obviously, we were ecstatic to have an offer on the table. The terms of the contract worked for us, so we gladly accepted. It is with their help that we were connected with Mr. Zaharko, who did an excellent job of mixing and mastering. So far, it has been a successful partnership with Spread The Metal, and only time will tell how far things can really go.

6. Jurekk Whipple produced the album, but how has he as a producer aided the recording process?

Jurekk is an extremely talented musician, but has so much more of an understanding than simply how to play the guitar or how to sing the proper harmony. He is, in essence, the mastermind of Edge of Attack. It began as his project, and his stamp of authority is all over everything we do. He has an uncanny ear for what sounds best, but is humble enough to allow another member to have their ideas replace his if he feels that they are for the greater good of the song in question. Most songs start with Jurekk, but he is open to all the ideas that the other members offer, and can easily take these ideas and turn them into something that we can gladly call 'Edge of Attack.'

7. Several guest artists made appearances on this release including solo artist Ivan Gianinni, Ryan Bovaird (Hallows Die) and Pellek (Damnation Angels) why these acts in particular and what did they bring to this release?

It is a true honor to have such amazing guests on this album, and we believe that they add an unforgettable touch to their respective songs. Ryan Bovaird is a good personal friend of the band since we met him and the other members of Hallows Die when they came to our hometown and played a show alongside us. 'The Damned' was a bit rawer than the other material and we felt his gutteral growls would do nothing but boost the overall impact and feel of the song. The same goes for the songs that Ivan and Pellek sing on. They were both introduced to Edge of Attack through Jurekk's personal dealings with them through the wonder that we call the internet. We had two songs that would benefit greatly from their amazing talents, and we were lucky enough that they both agreed. We couldn't be happier with the final product of our dealings with all three guest artists.

8. Was your songwriting and recording process any different than usual for this CD?

The songwriting process for us is an ongoing thing. We never truly stop writing, regardless of circumstance. We drew ideas from some of the things that make us all who we are, not only from our musical influences, but from things around us that have impacted our life. It was truly a group effort, so you really get a feel for everyone in the band. Also, from playing and listening to the songs, day in and day out, we were able to 'poke holes' in the songs and come up with ways to improve them, which is not necessarily something every band gets to do prior to release. I'm sure, many times, a band releases an album and wishes they could go back and change something. We had the opportunity to make many of the changes that we felt would make the songs better, so it's kind of unique in a way.

9. What are your expectations for the CD?

We don't have any expectations for the album, really. I think the proper term would be to call it hope. We do what we do because we love to do it, and we want to share our passion and energy with the world. Simply being able to continue doing what we love is return enough. We all find ways to get by without our music paying our bills, but of course, if we had the opportunity to make a living from our music, it would be simply so we would have even more time to devote to it.

10. What are your upcoming tour plans?

We plan on doing a Canadian/North American tour shortly after the CD release, stopping at as many places as we can along the way. We aspire to tour South America and overseas as well, as we have significant fan bases in both regions. Obviously, tours to both South America and Europe are quite a bit harder for us to organize and fund than shows here in our homeland, so for now all we can say is that our hearts are with our fans that we haven't physically been able to reach yet.

11. The plans for Edge Of Attack for 2013 are what, where, and why?

We hope to have a successful album launch, and subsequent tour(s).  We will be continuing to write material, because you can never have enough, and never stop evolving. Hopefully, we can keep going in the right direction, acquiring new fans, and have an overall successful year. We expect to have some ups and downs, as every band does, but we are prepared to take whatever comes at us, and emerge as unscathed as possible.

12. If I were to introduce someone to your music, what would be the song that you think really shows your band sound the best?

Although it might sound like a contrived answer seeing as we are currently promoting our latest single, 'In Hell,' I would have to say it is the right song. It showcases many of the different things that come together to create what we consider to be 'our sound.' It has the shredding guitars, melodic vocals, driving bass, and ferocious drumming that we consider integral to Edge of Attack.

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