ToxicRose's Tom says that this is the Ultimate Band!

Swedish metal rock n' rollers ToxicRose have got the power to bash your heads in with that pure adrenaline rush! Guitarist and backing vocalist Tom went ahead to discuss the band's current self-titled EP release, upcoming touring plans, and just how much more they have lined up from here on out!

1. So first off, how did ToxicRose form?

Tom: Andy & Michel's band Lipstixx n Bullets disbanded, Goran had left Sexydeath and I felt that nothing happened while in Gemini Five. So we all felt that this was the right path to take cuz we all wanted the same thing, we wanted to put together the ultimate band. And so we did.

2. Who's crazy idea was it to call the band ToxicRose?

Tom: I think it was Andy's idea.

3. Where are you guys from and what is the music scene like there?

Tom: We are from Stockholm, Sweden. I guess the music scene here is doing  good, there's always some bands playing the clubs around here.

4. What bands have you guys been influenced by?

Tom: Kiss, Immortal, Wasp, In Flames, etc.

5. If you could tour with any band, past or present, who would it be and why?

Tom: Sex Pistols would be fun to tour with, great after parties and chaos.

6. Any memorable tour experiences?

Tom: Oh yeah, we will put them in the TOXICROSE book in a few years, hehe

7. Your upcoming touring plans is to tour alongside CrashDiet and Sister, what do you think this experience will do for you as a band and makes you feel?

Tom: Well.... we will have a good time on stage and hopefully more people will know about us.

8. What is your favorite song to perform live?

Tom: that's a tricky question, hmm hmm.. well I have to say "Black Bile", its always a blast on stage!

9. Why did you want to go with self-titling your debut EP?

Tom: Why not?

10. What are your expectations for the CD?

Tom: That people will love it and enjoy listening to it. And come and see us live!

11. "A Song For The Weak" is the current single and video why go with picking this song and the concept for the video was what?

Tom: Cuz its a kick ass song! And we the great Patric Ullaeus made a matching kick ass video for the song.

12. A few other songs "I Drown In Red", "Don't Hide in the Dark", weren't included in this EP release how come and how can the fans gain access to those songs? Will we see them on a future release of material?

Tom: Those songs were recorded in promotional use only and were available for free download.
The reason for not putting them on the EP was becuz people have already heard them we wanted to record a brand new song for the EP and move forward. But they are on the setlist during live shows.

13. Who was the who who designed the EP artwork and why did you want to go with using yourselves as the main inspiration?

Tom: The artwork was done by the illustrator Christian Wallin, he come up with the concept and painted it.

14. Since the EP was created and released, what are your plans for new music?

Tom: We will begin to write new songs, but we have no plans on when to record or release it. But it will come.

15. If I were to introduce someone to your music, what would be the song that you think really shows your band sound the best?

Tom: Just put out the music video for "A Song For The Weak" go check it out! Cheers Tom

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