Monster High Plushie Pets!

Mattel's Monster High line had first introduced us to the ghouls pet's in a small way having miniature figures of the pets come with the dolls and then later a small portion of plushies of the ghouls with pets was brought out. But the pet's themselves haven't really been seen much since. But while browsing online it lead me to this website called Azumeo. Which itself had an array of Monster High products including 3 pet plushies, Crescent, the cat, Watzit, the dog, and Count Fabulous the Bat. Their owners of course being, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura. The plush pets are 18 inches in length and cost 14,60 € tax incl. Perhaps the U.S. will see these plushies at a later time.

Warzit the Dog - Frankie Stein

Crescent the Cat - Clawdeen Wolf

Count Fabulous the Bat - Draculaura

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