Judgement Day - Polar Shift

Oakland, Californians Judgement Day are on their third album this one called "Polar Shift". The trio unlike any other trio act or band in general has taken the musical aspect to a whole another level when it comes to their style of sorts. Over the course of 14 original tracks, the group—Anton Patzner (violin), Lewis Patzner (cello), and Jon Bush (drums)—conjures a massive sound via classical instruments. However, they're not reading off sheet music.

Their creativity with music is unique and unlike anything you will ever hear because it all comes within the use of their classical instrumentally ability. Everything played here is just that classical based but with a rock edge, no vocal chords whatsoever, just pure instrumental bliss. "Ghost Hunt", "Demon Fire" "Forest Battle", and "Waves", are just the sum of what these guys are capable of, each chord, beat, portrayed is well thought out and truly flawless no matter how you hear it.

These guys are a genuine rock outfit making dynamic, diverse, and dangerous tunes, and they're about to cause a much needed shift in the music scene as we know it.

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