Escape The Fate Roxy Take Over

In celebration of recently signing to Eleven Seven Music and partnering with Monster Energy Drink, Escape The Fate will be taking over The Sunset Strip on January 6, culminating in a free show at the infamous Roxy Theater in notorious Hollywood, California.

Fans could gain access to the free event through the music shop Soundcheck Hollywood who also held a free meet and greet party with the band and other guests. Soundcheck Hollywood would pass out wristbands at this time that would grant the fans access to the showcase happening later on that night. Once the meet and greet has surpassed all of the fans gathered along the sidewalks of the Sunset Strip eagerly awaiting for the doors to open in no time at all.

Once 6:30PM struck fans hurried through the doors grabbing a spot for the rest of that night, curtains rose as the announcer announced the first opening act As Thick As Thieves whose presents was quite entertaining to say the least. Their stage presents was very energetic at that, performance ability being high strung, guitarists falling upon the guests as the singer sung and gutted his vocal chords every now and again, while the bassist continually stripped down to his red short shorts. As such these guys have got a promising musical ability within their grasp, there's no doubt about it.

As Thick As Thieves:

Up next as the announcer announced the follow-up performers for the night was an act everyone there was familiar with one known as Eyes Set To Kill, who of which got signed with Century Media Records as of recently. So now that such an honor was upon them the ability to strut their stuff to the max was quite imaginable. Thus strutting their stuff was easily done with, vocals coming from all angles the main frontman screaming his lungs out by the looks of it, while the guitarist sung harmonic tunes with her soothing voice. Each his own doing their thing to keep the energy pumping and constantly flowing.

Eyes Set To Kill:

As the night was coming to a close there was only one band left in question this question being not very difficult to answer, Escape The Fate, whose recent signing brought them to the stage for not just a freebie show but for a DVD filming of the performance as well.

Kicking things off with a new tune off their yet to be titled album the band kept things at bay for the start, but as soon as the opening tune was over with the band got things flowing with the likes of "The Flood", "10 Miles Wide", "Something", "Issues", "Gorgeous Nightmare", and old yet good hits like "Situations" who new comer bassist TJ Bell did not know how to perform, who a fan from the crowd who was aware of the popular tune was permitted to come on and play his heart out.

Escape The Fate:

But something was done that night, that hadn't been done before "The Guillotine", "The Guillotine Part 2: This War Is Ours", and "The Guillotine Part 3: The Aftermath", were performed within the last remaining time span of the band's set list which was quite entertaining and impressive at that. Fans alike got atop the sea of people crowd surfing to the stage, having their 5 seconds of fame then jumped back into the crowd some even falling right onto the floor. Other entertaining action came from the wall of death action performed during the "The Guillotine Part 2: This War Is Ours", everybody split down the middle and running at one another, pushing whoever came in contact once the crowd collided with one another.

Escape The Fate:

That was not all that happened though throughout the band's performance several surprise guests made their mark on the stage having former vocalist of Attack Attack Caleb Shomo, Asking Alexandria's vocalist Danny Worsnop and the fans including a 8-10 year old boy took some time to shine, as frontman vocalist Craig Mabbit grabbed him raising him high above the crowd as he sung the words he loved at heart.

Escape The Fate:

Through it all it was a heck of an entertaining night for all that showed up and should be even more enjoyable let alone entertaining once the DVD is released sometime later this year.

The Flood
10 Miles Wide
Live Fast
You're Insane (Twisted Metal)
Til We Die (Military)
Gorgeous Nightmare

The Guillotine
This War Is Ours
The Aftermath

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