Hollywood Undead - Notes From The Underground

When the concept of rap meets rock hit the scene back in the late 90s with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Korn, Papa Roach, and Linkin Park those acts were able to pull it off keeping it clean and unique. Then once the new millennium had struck a chord the music scene developed ever so further it was unbearable at times.

As if that was then and even now the music is still expanding ever so further that new comers BrokeNCYDE and Hollywood Undead has taken the likes of rap meets rock and exposed it to an even further exposition. Like once Hollywood Undead debut hit home to the Los Angeles, California terrain, everyone knew who these guys were , so of course with such a success and a loss of a member the band continued to develop and expose themselves with their music.

Now on their third release they have returned to their previous roots in their music, going back to how things sounded when "Swan Songs" was first being written and recorded and is what you can expect to hear when listening in on their third album entitled "Notes From The Underground". With the release of already two tracks off this release, "We Are" ad Dead Bite" there was little to no expectations to be left behind on wondering how this could turn out.

Luckily for them these were highly praised as was other mentionable tunes such as "From The Ground",  "Kill Everyone" and "Believe".  The material takes on a path that picks up the pace of rap rock but sets foot into the pop dimension having various "ballad like" tunes layered here and there.

It just becomes clear that this release is pretty much one of those de-ja-view experiences you may have seen coming time and time again.

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