Legion Of The Black - Black Veil Brides

When Disney first came out with its classic film Fantasia fans went wild for it then years later a sequel entitled Fantasia 2000 introducing fans old and new to this historic way of musical theater. Now this concept is used within the mainstream music scene with some local go getters who call themselves the Black Veil Brides.
Calling Los Angeles, California as their home these guys have developed since day one way back when having had line-up changes come and go they have engulfed their own styles of appeal and music. Take the use of 80s legends Kiss meets Motley Crue and you get a glimpse into what to expect. Now on their third and latest album entitled "Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones" a full on concept release that takes no excuse to be a story worth of telling, hence the idea of Andy Biersack taking this concept to an even further expansion developing a full-length feature film.

Which brings back the Disney flicks Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 who used purely music throughout their films without any dialog whatsoever, so now the Black Veil Bride's put this same effect in full having several videos 9 in fact, lined up in this full-length concept of a tale. The tale itself centered around a girl named Eve Black played by new coming actress Alicia Vigil, whereas the band members portray themselves except with different alias's; The Prophet played by Andy Biersack, The Deviant by Ashley Purdy, The Mystic by Jinxx, The Mourner by Jake Pitts, and The Destroyer by Christian Coma.

Eve Black not liked by anyone from her parents, to the kids at school her only concept and focus is and was the Black Veil Brides her appeal decked out in total black with BVB plastered head to toe in every size, shape, and form, whereas her bedroom having the same formula. Eve faces her everyday lifestyle just trying to survive dealing with the ones who ignore and abuse her until one day there is no turning back and no other way out but one.

This film was directed by Patrick Fogarty who's been with the band since practically the beginning took the helm at this directing this series of videos which is what this film is a long music video. Just as those who considered The Simpsons movie to be a long episode this is what this is it is just a long 45 minute music video.  The film itself is done quite well it has a storyline that many BVB fans and other fans of this style of music can immediately relate too.

It goes without saying that having taken just one song only one that that is what turned out to be an entire album and what really brings that heavy metal and spookiness to life.

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