Angelspit's Intentionally Insanity with Zoog!

Angelspit are an electro punk act hailing from Sydney, Australia, known for vicious distortion, biting lyrics and harsh drums. Angelspit have churned out eight releases over the past seven years, sharing the stage with various acts along the way. The Angelspit lineup consists of Zoog and Destroyx, Valerie Gentile on guitar, Matt James on drums and The Liar on videography. Having concluded a recent tour at the end of 2012, Angelspit has set their eyes on the prize of the New Year, all new material, touring, and so much more it'll make your head spin like a top! Vocalist ZooG (Karl Von Rock) took the time to discuss the insanity that is Angelspit!!!!

1. Can you tell me about this video diary you have been working on, what's that all about?

Zoog: I am documenting the creation of the new album. I am trying to make the process of this album as much of an adventure as possible. Music is increasingly made in dark air conditioned rooms. It's all so controlled, perfect and boring. I want to make music that leaves me covered in diesel  dust, rust and iron filings. I am wanting to go around the USA and record sound and meet with other musicians and instrument designers from Detroit to Arizona. I have already been contacted by some crazy musicians, sonic experimenters and instruments designers in Texas, Nirvana, New Mexico and Arizona. This will ROCK!

2. Why did you want to make custom jackets and where can they be purchased?

I love designing and making fashion. I wanted to make something in line with our current album "Hello My Name Is", which is about living in a corporate prison. Suit jackets, business shirts and ties were deconstructed in a punk rock manor, then rebuilt with themes of military, cyberpunk, psycho-killer and zombie hunter. They were awesome fun to make and looked insaaaane! These garments were only available for a limited time, but I have had many people ask about them. I will make one last batch in early January, check for details. Fashion is art, just as much as music is. People say it's "all about the music", but they are's really all about the intent!

3. You currently have some zines and a news letter in the works - how can the fans gain access to those?

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook:

Zines about art and making art are coming soon! I love paper. I love making zines - punk publication is important to underground music! In a zine, you can voice your opinion, experiment with photos and grunge art, then print a few hundred and send them to your supporters and's like making a magazine, but you get to pick the content.

4. Where are you in the process of the new album, do you feel the pressure coming on?

I am in the writing stages. This is when I decide on the core concept, write the lyrics and have the songs basically written. Next step is production - I take the songs into the studio and flesh them out. This starts in January - but I also have several trips booked to go into the desert and meet up with crazy musicians and instrument builders...! I want to release this album when it's ready. I have never let deadlines force my art. The construction of an album should be paced, not rushed.

The only real pressure I feel is from other bands and musicians. Almost everyone I know is "encouraging" me to make music that is more palatable, and thus could potentially feature on movie soundtracks and games.
I will not sell-out or dilute Angelspit's sound so it can have thirty seconds of fame for some crap movie preview or TV commercial. Funny, it's not the record labels pushing me, it's other bands. It's terrifying how spineless this scene has become...where did all the "cyberpunks" go??!

5. What can we expect to see from you guys in 2013?

I have some really cool plans. At least one release, several videos, a massive USA tour, and a whole variety of cool merch. I want to start handmaking more cool and unique items. The really exciting thing is HOW I will be releasing the material. The idea of an "album" is no-longer relevant. CD art has been completely forgotten. I will be releasing the artwork though other's going to be really cool.

6. Is there anything else you'd like to say or add?

Keep making your art! Now is the time to paint the walls of the world red and make noise. It is vital that you express yourself in this we all need an outlet, plus we need to inject more individual beauty into the world.



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