Death Valley High - Survival Program

Doom pop punks Death Valley High have returned once more with an all new release an EP entitled "Survival Program". This combination of their doom gloom pop punk style meets the metal era upgrading just a tad of their musical ability.

As such this release features remixes done by The Frail, Z–Rokk (of Automatic Static, Key to Arson & Simon Says), & RKA (of Death Valley High) as well as two all new tracks "Doomsday In the Disco" and a cover of Peaches "Fuck the Pain Away," each of which portrays its own method of skill set. "Doomsday In the Disco" enhances vocalist Reyka Osburn approach to stretching his vocal chords from screaming to just singing along, the instrumental portions are layered out hard and heavy having its degree of moments happen here and there. While cover tune "Fuck the Pain Away," by the Peaches keeps the pop rock melodies alive and well with an added usage of techno beats making the music come together as a whole. The remaining set are of course the remixed tunes and these go in saying that they are indeed technical and creative surly to get the beats bouncing with each time they are played let alone heard.

More is to come from the musical skill set and abilities that is Death Valley High a band that has come a long way and still see's more coming at them!

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