Abriosis - Vessel

As a follow-up to their acclaimed 2011 full-length album "Tattered and Bound", Vancouver death metal band Abriosis  have been hard at work writing and recording for their new EP, "Vessel". But this time "Vessel" merges the disorienting waves of violence with an ever so thunderous pulse it's unstoppable.

"Vessel is what we have been working towards for years," comments Abriosis guitarist Taylor Lipton. "It's disorienting while holding down groove. Every song has its own face and personality. We are very proud of this release, and excited to see where it brings us!"

With that said, this release is packed with guitar riffs, growling vocal chords, thunderous drum beats, and crazy bass strides it makes the music ever so powerful. For example "Crypsis", "Peering Into Oblivion", and "Apochra", really provides the listener with such intensity it makes it heavier as each noted is played.

Whilst this is a short and sweet, EP it represents the latest evolution in the band’s signature progressive death metal sound.

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