Farewell My Love - Mirror, Mirror

Rock n' roll is a way of life and Farewell, My Love has arrived carrying such a torch for their generation and future generations to follow them. Since having connected with a rabid audience known as "Lovers" since their 2011 EP debut "A Dance You Won't Forget" that featured previous vocalist Caleb Harbin taking control; the band had the misfortune of Harbin leaving the band - having new coming vocalist Ryan Howell take over bringing his own uniqueness and un-appealing-ness to the forefront that is Farewell, My Love.

Now that the band has gotten signed to Standby Records they have gotten pushed further to the front lines of the music scene, taking the side lines along such acts as My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, and even their label mates The Relapse Symphony and Whispers Of Wonder. With that said their follow-up EP release "Mirror, Mirror" had them go onto write and record 3 new songs, 1 cover of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life", and 1 acoustic re-do of the previous track "Just Another Soul". The new material featuring current title track single provides us with how and which direction Farewell, My Love plans to go here.

Ryan Howell does not do the best job as playing the role of being a vocalist, yes he has the mind set and ability no problem but he just does not bring it to the table for the band. Hence what Get Scared had done when Nicholas Matthews had first left the band, they moved on getting previous vocalist Joel Faviere and releasing a new EP, but did it do the band justice? I think not! They ended up welcoming back Nicholas Matthews to the band and now everything is better than ever before.

Thus Ryan Howell has nothing over what former vocalist Caleb Harbin had when he was with Farewell, My Love. Harbin brought that intense, gloomy, theatrical vibe that these guys were known for, now that he has departed the future looks bleak and slim for Farewell, My Love, or shall we say farewell to them.

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