All The Dead Pilots's Jason Discusses New Single and New Album Process

All The Dead Pilots is a 7-piece band from the Houston, Texas area. ATDP joined together as a band in March 2008 while recording in their new-found home-studio. They wrote their first five song EP, which came out April 2009 called "Chasing the Horizon". They started playing shows and right after their EP release, they started on their next album, "Blackout". It is a twelve song album that includes all kind of mixed varieties of the metalcore/hardcore aspects in music. They recently recorded their new EP "Everything Created Must Be Destroyed" released last summer. Now the future is their playground and guitarist Jason Redick talks about the band's new single and current plans.

1. You’re a 7-piece band why so many members? What type of band are you?

Jason: We used to be a 6-piece band with our vocalist Corey also performing on bass but in order to increase the presence of clean vocals in our music, he decided to step down from bass and perform clean vocals full time thus leading us to become a 7 member band. This allowed for each member to perform a single important part in the band. Chase on vocals, Corey on clean vocals, Jason (myself) on guitar, Hieu on guitar, Ryan on keys and Bracy on drums. We are in the process of trying bassists out so as of now we are just a 6-piece band. We don’t really wish to label ourselves under any specific genre as we just wish to make the music we enjoy playing. Some others though have classified our band underneath the metalcore/hardcore genres.

2. Can you give me a brief summary as to how the band came about?

Jason: Back in 2008, my brother Corey and I decided to make another band as our previous ones fell apart. We met most of the current members through high school, tried them all out, and they all seemed to fit their respective parts in the band well. Our newest member and drummer, Bracy, we met through the local music scene when we attended a local show and saw him play in his past band. We were impressed, asked him to join and here we are!

3. Where are you guys from originally?

Jason: We are all from the Houston, Texas area and most of us went to school together excluding Bracy as we met him through the local music scene.

4. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

Jason: Back in 2008 when the band was created, our band name “All The Dead Pilots” came to be shortly after when Corey and myself were searching around the net for a type of novel that caught our attention and felt right to name our band after. We came across a list of novels and short stories by William Faulkner and one of his short stories titled “All The Dead Pilots” felt just right to us and the rest is history.

5. You guys have a unique sound, which bands would you say influence you the most?

Jason: The bands that influence us as a whole include I Am Abomination, Sky Eats Airplane, Avenged Sevenfold, The Color Morale, In Fear & Faith and Memphis May Fire.

6. Why did you pick The Fire Inside as your single? Tell me about the song?

Jason: We chose “The Fire Inside” as our single because it marks the return of ATDP in not just the local music scene, but amongst all the scenes across the globe. We wrote the song, lyrically, with the intentions of telling the world that no matter what others say about us, we will not stop chasing our goals and dreams. We are here to represent ourselves and others who struggle to make a name for themselves in such a negative world. We wish to tell the ones who struggle to “keep the fire inside” and never let it burn out. Instrumentally the song showcases our progression in musical structure and maturity. I will go on record and say that we have another song in the works for a future release.

7. How did Joe DeMaio of Casino Madrid get involved?

Jason: I contacted Joe DeMaio in order to ask him to perform guest vocals as we all loved his raw vocal style and range. He agreed to do so and we could not be any happier with the result. He is still a good friend of the band to this day.

8. What are your songs about? Do you write your own songs?

Jason: Each of our songs is lyrically different from one another, even though the same theme persists with each given release. Some are lyrically based on horror movies, some are based on keeping hope and some are written based on fairy tales that we created within the lyrics themselves.

9. All of your releases have been self-released. Do you plan to continue this tradition or hope to one day get signed with a label?

Jason: Getting signed is a goal, sure, but as long as people out there continue to enjoy the music that we release, that is all that truly matters. Our next step from here is to put out another release later this year, shop it to management companies, and go on tour with a few friends of ours.

10. Where are you in the process of the new album?

Jason: We just started pre-production for our upcoming release today. We are shooting for a release date this fall. Until then, we released “The Fire Inside” and WILL release another single in order to keep people occupied while we continue to write!

11. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album? How does it compare to your previous releases?

Jason: The new album will be structured better, have more thought put into every riff and every lyric. We wish to balance heaviness and melody in the next release. As we are proud of our past releases, we wish to progress and mature with each release and become closer to achieving our true sound.

12. What are the goals you have set for yourselves for this new album?

Jason: Keep the old fans intrigued and attract new ones. We wish to make a name for ourselves in the music scenes across the globe and this new release we are working on will hopefully do just that for us.

13. Do you plan to use any new instrumentation you've never used before?

Jason: We are planning on incorporating more orchestral sounds into the next release, much of like what is heard during the new single “The Fire Inside.” We also are working on incorporating more piano and synth as we felt our last EP lacked in that certain aspect.

14. When did you start writing for this album? How was the songwriting process different/similar to previous All The Dead Pilots albums?

Jason: We started writing earlier today and will finalize the pre-production this upcoming spring/summer with our good friend Alan Follette before we head off to the studio late this summer. The difference between this new release and all our past releases is that we are outsourcing our writing, in part, to our friend and producer Alan who has been a great help to us. We couldn't ask for a better producer and friend to take part in making each song we release be the absolute best it can be.

15. Do you feel any pressure to follow up on your previous works?

Jason: We personally feel that after the release of “The Fire Inside” we need to continue to push ourselves further in musical progression and maturity. With the release of that single and the overwhelmingly positive reception we have had from it, I feel that we have set the bar for ourselves and it is up to us to not let our fans down.

16. Can you go into one or two tracks on the new album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about?

Jason: As there is not much accomplished yet on the upcoming release, I can tell you that our next single is titled “Nevermore” and a lyric video is in the works for that one as well. It is our most mature and well thought out song to date, and we hope that it not only impresses our fans, but our haters as well!

17. When can we expect the new album to be released?

Jason: Later this year in the fall or early winter!

18. Would you like to say anything more?

Jason: Keep your eyes open and lend us your ear as a new single is on the way. Our single “The Fire Inside” is about to be released on iTunes for purchase and soon afterwards so will our next upcoming single “Nevermore”. Spread the word and keep the fire inside!

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