Requiem for the Dead - Memories

Requiem for the Dead's "Memories" EP takes a step into a darker direction than their debut release had done. This time around the EP develops their musical ability on a much higher level expanding their writing, lyrical, and musical abilities in one single release.

"Poison Girl 1", "Ghost Of Winter", and "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight", are what sum up this release in how it's been expanded and developed into a more darker direction as far as material goes along with everything else. The vocal chords are in-depth having this mellow dramatic focus when listening in, whereas the instrumentals and lyrics go perfectly well with one another. Each adds its own continuation if you will having the music be a continual thing, never wanting to end.

This release goes in a direction like never before and it's clearly stated and shown when listening in, the band will continue to expand and develop their abilities as they grow with one another, capable of handling any written state of mind and instrumental force that drifts their way.

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