First Class Trash – Party Through Apocalypse

Electronic rock band from the City Of Sin Las Vegas, Nevada, First Class Trash's debut EP "Party Through Apocalypse", takes you to the outer reaches of the musical dimension. As soon as opening track "Nasty Addiction", commences the abilities of instrumentals takes control and vocals contact igniting this explosive sensation that really connects the music to the person. "Deadheart", "Killing Me", and "Revenge and Revolution",  continues this sensational remark by enhances it if you will, the vocals are more straight forward, allowing the instruments to do what they do best, being center focus bringing it altogether in the end. Having been formerly known as Stained Angel this release takes a stride towards the next level developing their previous concept ever so further, not only moving onward but never once ever looking back. This is for fans of The Deadstar Assembly meets Emilie Autumn crossing paths with The Birthday Massacre.

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