Scott Kirby - Something To Move

Alternative, folk, blues, rock, indier Scott Kirby has his newest and latest single about titled "Something To Move". This track being one of many that has this musician shine on through. Thus, this particular track is already catching attention from those who have heard it. Some going as far as saying that it is just one groovy sort of track that all should hear. That could not be better said really.
That is precisely how Scott Kirby's styling sounds like, it has groovy tones, that makes it spunky yet fun. His deep vocalization chords standing out for themselves, whilst the music captures the essence of the country blues folk rock that has been known to Scott Kirby for all this time. In fact, the melodies and tones of the song, make it so upbeat and catching to the ears, the music becomes more like it never ends. It has a constant flow pattern, that makes the energy of the tone of it all drift and move.

Scott Kirby's style is country based, but has that added flare of the folk rock tone, but it is modernized with this extra effect that makes it just so much fun. There is not much else to add to it than that. The song becomes one of those types, you can put on repeat and never get sick of it.

When it comes down to it, pretty much this track and its accompanying artist Scott Kirby, go together, that there is nothing much left to say for it. If you are into the folk, country, rock styling's of the modern times, then this is the artist for you. "Something To Move", will keep you moving along, to the beats, you will be humming along soon afterwards. That's all that has to be said for it and Scott Kirby as an artist of the groovy kind.

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