The Killing Lights - Self-Titled

Vampires Everywhere! was founded in 2009 by Michael Vampire, the band rose to success quite fast, with their debut EP, album, and sophomore releases, extensive touring, and show playing, then everything came to a close for the band and that chapter of Michael Vampire's musical career.

Sometime later an announcement was made this being that Vampires Everywhere! had not changed their name but were done for good because now, The Killing Lights was the project, Michael Vampire had within his possession and he would do, what he had always wanted to do, when the Vampires were alive, but never could due to issues popping up left and right.

Now The Killing Lights have risen up where the Vampires had rose before, debuting their own release an EP, taking the "Self-Titled" approach, consisting of 5-tracks one of which was made into a single/video called "Lies Spread Like Fire". While other noted tracks did not make the cut as they were demo releases, what is here is here to stay, and that's a solid set of tracks that expresses the energy, emotion, and passion that Michael Vampire had always possessed. "Crashing Down", for one is one that is built on pure passion and emotion, indicating the lyrical context, is filled with emotion, instrumentals and vocal chords delivering that emotional filled passion, it's all heavy yet intense from every direction. It's almost a ballad except it's how one would sound on a heavy aspect instead of a mellow dramatic aspect. Other tracks like "Barely Breathing", and "Until I Bleed", are those heavy duty tracks that truly make this EP deliver.

The music is very passionate, intense, keeping that energy coming more and more, the instruments are heavy, clearly noted already but it's very noticeable, the vocal chords, do their job well, lots of screaming, guitar riffs, solos, drum tactics, bass licks, it all works together to create a drift of passionate emotion, that's the real way to describe this release, it's lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals.

The Killing Light's "Self-Titled" debut is an EP release that steps away from the past and right into the future, this is again not Vampires Everywhere! in any shape or form, this is The Killing Lights, they are here and they are here to rock n' roll.

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