Foul Body Autopsy's Tom Reynold's Gets Ever So Closer to Dehumanization

One man projects or full fledged acts is quite something else but only a few have made it work including U.K. go getter Tom Reynolds with Foul Body Autopsy. Having formed in 2010 they have been carving their name into the scene over the past four years, releasing a debut full-length and follow-up EP release "So Close To Dehumanization". He has had the chance to play shows sharing stages with numerous acts left and right with further shows, new music, and whatever more he can craft. One and only member Tom Reynold's himself discusses the EP, show playing, and more!

1. Can you tell us as to why you wanted this band to be a one man deal and how do you manage to pull that off?

Tom: Well if I am honest I never set out to be a one man band it just came out of necessity, I had just left my old band and I was trying to get a new band together and for a while I had a trio called epitaph. But due to reliability problems with band member's that came in to the project I decided to go it alone. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was when I got a text from the drummer of the morning of our first gig saying he couldn't make it. Also did not help that the bass player left the band a few days before.

Unfortunately I was promoting the gig and I had absolutely no intention of pulling out, but luckily I was studying music at college so I had some time on my hands. I spent the day sorting out a backing track and played the gig solo, luckily the gig went very well so I decided to stay solo for good, and the rest is history

2. Why did you pick the name that you did for your band?

Tom: Well that is a funny story I was trying to think of a good band name, you know something that makes you think damn that's a good name for a band. I just happened to be listening to the first Necrophagist album, Onset of Putrefaction and the song Foul Body Autopsy came on. Then it just dawned on me, Foul Body Autopsy would make an amazing band name! Simple as that.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

Tom: I am based in Leicester city in England, unfortunately we don't have a big metal scene in the midlands at the moment. But we do have a small but ace scene, I don't get to play many of the gigs that go on but myself and my friend been try to make it to all of the grindcore shows in Leicester.
Some good bands to check out are;

Mangle, Atonement, Flayed Disciple, Meatpacker, Cancerous Womb, Carcosa, Basement Torture Killings, Taken by the Tide, Ageless Oblivion, Scordatura, Death Tripper, Regurgitate Life, and Mage,

4. How would you describe your style? Which bands influenced your music?

Tom: I guess I would call my style schizophrenic; I like to keep my songs interesting to listen to and to play. so most of the songs can change dramatically from death metal, black metal, progressive rock, thrash, slam, and groove metal, I love songwriting a lot of bands don't tend to do that anymore, it's like they put 8 riffs end to end and call it a song. I'm just not into that I like to have repeating parts and interesting arrangements.

When it comes to what influences me, I love all kinds of music I don't consider myself a metal head at all. Don't get me wrong I love metal but I also love blues, rock, pop, jazz, rap, its all good shit to me. Some of my biggest influences for Foul Body Autopsy are; Behemoth, Napalm Death, Pink Floyd, Cattle Decapitation, Jeff Buckley, Death, Jimi Hendrix, Opeth, Moby, Devin Townsend, John Frusciante, Lamb of God, Radiohead, Metallica, Biffy Clyro, Minor Threat, Carcass, Nirvana, The Berzerker,

5. What can you tell me about "So Close To Complete Dehumanization" and why should we be interested and expect from it?

Tom: I suppose what people can expect from this EP is a mix of technical death grind, black metal, and a bit of groove metal, that will keep your attention. My hope while working on So Close To Complete Dehumanization was just to write Two good songs. After doing the first album I wanted to write simple 4 minute songs with traditional arrangements. I had been wanting to write a really good two track EP since 2012, so two years later I finally got around to doing it.

6. Do you play live as well? What do you have planned in terms of shows and touring, if any?

Tom: Yes I do play live, I have been very fortunate to play with some amazing bands. I have also been able to do some ace tours, I played Bloodstock open air in 2011. I have toured with Prostitute Disfigurement, Cancerous Womb, General Surgery, & Basement Torture Killings, and i have done a lot of one off shows with some amazing bands such as Flayed Disciple, Aeon, Cerebral Bore, Panic Cell, Cannabis Corpse, Decapitated, Aborted, Amputated, Ageless Oblivion, Leng Tch'e, Thy Art Is Murder, Scordatura & Carnal Decay. My plans for next year are to play as many gigs and tours as I can. With a bit of luck, myself and my management will be able to sort out a few tours and a lot of one off gigs for next year.

7. Why did you always want to be signed with Grindscene Records? What is it about them that stood out for you?

Tom: Well I had been told only good things about the label, plus with them being underground that works very well for me. Because I've only ever wanted to work with a small independent label, also after checking out all the bands on the roster past and present. I just wanted to be on Grindscene more than any other UK label. I did get in touch with them last year, asking if they would be interested in releasing my first album. But at the time they were too busy with other releases. But they did say that they would be interested in listening to any of my new music, so when I had the master tracks of the new EP I sent them to Grindscene, and we worked out a deal from there.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Tom: Well the plan for the future of the project is to play live as much as I can. While I work on new music, I don't know if I will just do another EP or a full album. That will all depend on how much music I come up with, and how anal I get when demoing everything.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Tom: Here are the best links to find everything you could want....



Online Shop

Label Online Shop

Label Grindscene

10. What is it you'd like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

Tom: The only thing that I hope for is that people won't hate the music that's all.

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