DARK FUNERAL Introduces New Members

Dark Funeral have added some new additions to it's line-up with a new vocalist and bassist, their new frontman vocalist is Heljarmadr and bassist is Natt.

Heljarmadr - www.facebook.com/Heljarmadr666

With roots in the second half of the 90's black metal scene and in bands such as highly respected GRA, DOMGARD and CURSED 13, comes a raw force from the underground.

Known as a fierce frontman, both onstage and on recordings with his previous bands, he will now step up and claim a seat in the throne room of DARK FUNERAL to inflict deep scars in the black metal scene. The name Heljarmadr derives from old Scandinavian languages, simply meaning "a man belonging to hell".

With long time experience in the arts of creating dark satanic music, he will play a key role in shaping the future vocal and lyrical direction of DARK FUNERAL. Expect nothing but excellence, pure darkness and uncompromising evil!

Natt - www.facebook.com/pages/Natt-Dark-Funeral/379533948880078

Treading into this world, Natt has always had a strong, deep interest in music and the arts of the great unknown.

Spending time during the nights, exploring the Swedish ancient forests, avoiding the common mass that wanders this simplistic world, he made his relations and visions to that which lies beyond, stronger.

Before DARK FUNERAL, Natt was a member of the black/thrash metal band ANGREPP where he met his now close friends Adrian Lawson (ANGREPP, IXXI) and Fredrik Widigs (THE UGLY, MARDUK) and later on joined the deeply devoted Black Metal act, WITHERSHIN.

Natt: "Since the beginning of my time, here, in this world, there has always been, a strong connection, towards the isolated parts of the soul, a connection within and beyond. A connection to what can not be seen, nor heard. To everything and nothing. To what is, and what is not, and that which lies between. Outside the borders of this life. Beyond, yet within the acausal flame, in the night, I dwell, beyond the broken circle, outside of the causal mundane, yet not."

With these new members joining the band's ranks, DARK FUNERAL opens the gates to a new chapter of furious, intense and merciless black metal.

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