Amber Sea Signs with Famined Records

Famined Records has announced their signing of Lille, France’s progressive metal outfit Amber Sea. Having already been featured on BeheadingTheTraitor and It Djents, while also being featured on the forthcoming Djent Rolls Deep 2 joint compilation from It Djents and The Djent-lemen’s Club, the band has quickly risen up the ranks to become one of the most promising newcomers in the progressive metal scene. The band will see their debut EP, entitled Infantile Vision, released February 10th. The EP features five tracks of progressive, djenty metal with guest spots from Chris Barretto (Monuments) and Pierre Dane (Kadinja). To give old and new fans a taste of the EP, the band has released an EP teaser along with the signing announcement HERE. Guitarist Kevin Chesnais had this to say, “We are really proud of what we have achieved as a band and as human beings with this EP. We cannot wait to show everyone the result, and we cannot wait to hear what listeners think about it!”


1. White Materia: Sideral
2. Deci(mate) (Feat Chris Barretto of Monuments)
3. violette
4. Shinigami 死神
5. Black Materia: Meteor (Feat Pierre Dane of Kadinja)

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