Jamie Cullum - Interlude

English gent Jamie Cullum has been crafting music for some time now, so much time that he's upon his seventh album "Interlude". A 15-track release that captures his classic yet true but original style. What style? He's infused several genres into one somewhat, always known as a jazz artist he's taken soul, pop, and rock into account, creating something as said before that's original. While this release does consist of quite an assortment, the whole selection is cover tunes of other people's works, not his original content. While cover songs are enjoyable and Jamie's unique voice does get the word out of his musical structure, hearing some original content would have been more suitable but still an interesting take on a variety of songs. But while he is an indeed stellar and incredible talented singer/song writer , him doing the covering effect, resembles a lot like, what Barry Manilow has done, as he too has covered other songs done by other people, that even other people continue to sing those same songs it gets repetitive at times. "Interlude" is one of those releases that is a considerate album to hear, that has you relive certain moments from various artists, but hearing some of Jamie's original content is always a more embraced and enjoyed effort.

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