Incite's Been Up in Hell for this Past Year

Incite remains to be one of the most formidable and fresh forces within the heavy metal scene. Their third full-length album "Up In Hell" has been out for a while now, and they have been out on the road left and right  that this year has been a long one but a good one! The band discusses this release and their plans for further show and tour playing plus much more!

1. Let us get started by filling in our readers as to what the band has been up to in the past year.

It's been crazy we started the year writing the new record and got to record it in the spring time out in California, which was killer. Then we did a few California headline shows and were apart of the 2014 D-Low memorial fest in AZ. Then we hit the road with 36 Crazyfists up until Thanksgiving in which we enjoyed the rest of this year with the family, so for us it's been a long year.

2. What was the recording process like this time around? Was there anything different that happened or was it the same old studio thing?

No this one was a lot bigger in every way we had our own hotel room for the first time we had a killer studio for drums and another for the rest of the album. Not to mention this time having Matt Hyde behind the controls. This one was a lot more intense and focused. We wanted to kick some ass harder then ever with Up In Hell. It was a killer vibe and a new experience for all of us.

3. Were there any struggles getting all the equipment set up the way you wanted during the process of this album?

No that's always a breeze we always come prepared and gear is never an issue. We used all the things we are comfortable with and it made for a smooth recording for sure.

4. Has the bands songwriting process changed much over the years?

A little bit now that some of the guys live out of AZ. We did a lot of it over the Internet. Guitar riffs emailed to the drummer and me. Then emailed back with drums and new guitar added and then the vocals it was a lot smoother and not as forced. We got to each work at our own pace and that made it come together very easily. Especially having Matt involved in pre-production it all was ready to go.

5. Can you tell us how this album differs from the previous ones? What can we expect and what is the message behind it?

I think the song writing the massiveness of the sound, was huge in this record opposed to the previous ones. Also more solos, duel guitars for the first time, and more diverse lyrical patterns.  I think we wanted to evolve in every aspect of this record. We wanted to really show people that we can grow and get better with each release.  I think it's aggression and the feeling of rebellion and a rage for the ones that have fucked this world and the way of life and the flow of the world for there own benefit.  Shit seems like it's getting worse on every level and this is the voice of what my generation feels about it, in one way or another.

6. How does the album art relate to the music on the album?

I think the cover was perfect to show the world is going to shit and being run by evil entities.  It is dark and evil in the way the world is now.

7. This is round three with "Up In Hell", do you think third time's really a charm?

Not sure it feels good and people all over the world are responding killer to it. So I think time will tell but I feel it's our best work to date no doubt about it.

8. What does "Up In Hell" mean to you all?

It's the world we are living in. It is hell on earth and it's all around from politicians to debt to work, to all of the BS we face daily. I think it's perfect for the record with the cover it all just worked and got our point across.

9. minus HEAD Records is where you call home but how did the two of you come to be and how has the relationship been since your arrival?

I met Brad at a show we were playing in San Francisco. We both have a mutual friend that introduced us. He was killer from the moment we met he said he dug the band and wanted to get us ASAP but we were currently signed, so we didn't know what would happen. But lucky for us a year later our label we were on went bust and we were free to explore a new place. Brad was the first choice. He made us a killer deal and promised to make us his priority and to grow us as the label grew. He is killer, we have a killer relationship as well as. He and our management we’re all on the same page and its a great feeling. He is always there when you need him. Not to mention you can see him in the pit during our shows. Which no owner of a label will do cause they think there to cool but not Brad. He is one of a kind and going to be the biggest label ever. I hope to enjoy my entire career with him and minus HEAD.

10. How about shows and touring, what do you guys have planned?

I believe next year it's Europe in February, South America in March, Australia in April and back to Europe in the summer then the USA. So it's gonna be a sick year for the band.

11. Since you have so many albums, does it keep getting more difficult to put together a setlist?

Yeah, but its fun with every new release you get to expand and make things more exciting for us and for the fans. I enjoy it a lot. Can't wait till we can do hour and a half sets gonna be killer.

12. When you headline or co-headline do you change things up and switch songs from show to show?

No we usually just add more if it's a headline show cause we have a longer set, which is killer for us and the fans, they get to see a lot more music. But the opener spots are cool cause it's 30 min of our best and most brutal stuff so we kill everyone.

13. What does the band have planned for the rest of this year into next year?

Next year we're going to be touring non-stop so look for out for us!

14. Any last words for the friends and fans out there?

Thanks for everything all the support couldn't do it with out you. See you in the Pits.

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