Mexican Ape-Lord - The Late Heavy Bombardment

Heavy metal enthusiasts Mexican Ape-Lord have released their latest album "The Late Heavy Bombardment" via Unable Records. This 10-track release captures that classic heavy metal genre except has added effects of minor screams here and there like "This Misadventures of Black Jesus", captures this with the added guitar riffs, drum attics and bass structure, it all works together so well, it makes it a powerful source of material. "Goat Rope and Chunder", is another one that has those screaming effects while "Blood Ledge", takes the music down a note, expressing less screaming and more instrumental grasps, having that soothing yet mellow tone, that keeps the music at a pausing stance. It makes the rest of the album just even out, that the vocals and instruments just continue to work so well it's un-telling as to where the music will end up on say future material. Mexican Ape-Lord's album "The Late Heavy Bombardment" is quite something to listen too, it brings you the classic style except it's more modern making it more crafty and unique.

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