Daybreak End's Makes a Crowd Pleasing Comeback!

Los Angeles's local music scene could be good or bad.... as of lately a lot of acts have either called it quits going on hiatus for sometime or called it quits altogether, if not they go away then return with an all new style, sound, and name change for some or change to them altogether. In this case, local go getters Daybreak Ends, whose time has lasted them the past 10 years, since forming way back when in 2004, they've come a long way.

Releasing 2 full-length albums, 1 EP, and playing shows and touring in between, the band had then disappeared after the release of their sophomore album, wondering if or when they would be back. Tonight would be when that would happen, out in Los Angeles's Hollywood  area at a bar/concert club outlet called Molly Malones, they had hit the stage hard, with a 30 minute setlist, featuring 10 songs cataloging their year span.

Opening up with the song "Mail Order Roulette" the concert club space was empty but clear for entry as people slowly started falling in, taking a seat at the set out tables and chairs set up, while others stood and watched, bobbing their heads to the beat of the opening tune. The next song was one called "Spilling Secrets to Dying Men", both first songs being off their sophomore release "A Second Chance to Fail", each of these songs being heavy duty yet raw material that got the crowded interested.

Next up came an array of mix and match songs taken off their previous EP"A Self Unseen" and debut full-length "Perfect Tragedy" playing such songs as "A Love Like Arson", "All Gemini Die Young", "Before I Drowned" and "Perfect Tragedy" with the rest being songs off their sophomore album like "Time Enough to Last", "A Second Chance to Fail", and "Chivalry Is Not Dead, But You Are". All the songs played through their setlist totally kept the crowd wanting more after they wrapped up, making their set a clear success!

Instrumental and vocal chords wise at Molly Malones' is pleasurable, having great sound quality, crowd presents, and overall atmosphere were all met with ease. As for Daybreak Ends is concerned, their set was a crowd pleasing successor with them having plans for further shows and even all new music!


1. Mail Order Roulette
2.Spilling Secrets to Dying Men
3. Aperture
4. A Love Like Arson
5. Perfect Tragedy
6. All Gemini Die Young
7. Chivalry Is Not Dead, But You Are
8. Before I Drowned
9. Time Enough to Last

10. A Second Chance to Fail

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