Obduktion - Mors Janua Vitae

Death metal is one of those genres that always sounds the same no matter the act portraying it, all that's built upon it is fast instrumentals with growling or screaming vocal chords, that are so intense no matter how hard you try to listen nothing makes sense. Acts like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Obituary have embraced this for the course of their musical careers, but not only have they done it but other acts have as well, for instance the Greeks in Obduktion, have been releasing material left and right over the last 20 years, most recent being an EP "Mors Janua Vitae". It contains 2-tracks one of which is their single "King Of Terrors", this track is filled with tempo beats from mid-tempo to slower-tempos it brings forth a double aspect of flipping between the two making the guitar be more crafty wit it's source of tones. While the drumming is slow yet steady but keeps up the pace with the bass and vocals layering atop it all, making it round off to sounding intense and effective. "Lordship of Superior", the only other track offered captures more of the guitar momentum having the riffs, drums, and bass working on a higher level while the vocals remain the same but still bring that effective stance of being intense, making the music more eye catching and interesting. Obduktion's EP "Mors Janus Vitae" may be brief yet intensifies the genre that is death metal.  

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