A Thousand Shall Fall - Horizon

A Thousand Shall Fall have released an EP they call "Horizon" it consists of 2-tracks the title track of course "Horizon", and "Birthing Embers", while listening to these songs they sound nothing like the influences taken from the act themselves i.e. Exodus, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax or even Metallica. These guys pack a more powerful punch than your average thrash metal or heavy metal group, these guys bring that thrash metal style except it resembles to that of Toxic Holocaust meets Havok matching the same style of vocal chords with some added clean vocals for embedded effect. The instrumentals also resembles to that of Toxic Holocaust and Havok except, A Thousand Shall Fall have a more faster rhythm, drumming and bass line, that packs in that punch of raw energy that excites and amplifies you.  While this EP is called "Horizon" is expresses so much more that these guys will surly enhance their skill on the next horizon of material, with no harm in that at all.

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