TERROR UNIVERSAL Releases New Song “Welcome To Hell”

Born in a dark galaxy of terror, Horror Metal cannibals TERROR UNIVERSAL, featuring current and former members of Machine Head, Ill Nino, Soulfly, are announcing their imminent and horrendous takeover!

In preparation for their impending worldwide domination, a free download of TERROR UNIVERSAL’s debut track “Welcome To Hell” is available on the band’s official website,  http://www.terroruniversal.com/. “Welcome To Hell” is mixed by Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Cradle Of Filth, Ill Nino). The track is cut from the band’s upcoming EP, Reign of Terror, and can also be experienced via lyric video format here: http://youtu.be/2pCJhDey9XI

"We are here to inflict terror and fear upon the masses. Our thirst for blood is eternal...” bellows drummer MASSACRE. Equally horrific lead guitarist DIABOLUS wants you to know, “We are TERROR UNIVERSAL. We are everything that you loath and we are everything that you fear. We have come to (take/devour) your souls.”

TERROR UNIVERSAL just wrapped up their first European tour (Nov/Dec 2014), supporting ILL NINO, and will be soon announcing international and U.S. tour dates for 2015.

Terror is coming your way... stay tuned for more details on the band, their upcoming EP, and new tour dates soon. As for the humans behind the masks… keep your eyes peeled…

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