Incursed - Elderslied

Viking metal deals with other associates such as folk and pagan metal for instance some acts like Moonsorrow, Kampfar, and even Amon Amarth use this style of tunes as their musical choice. Incursed is another act to follow in the footsteps like these other acts have done letting it shine upon their third full-length release called "Elderslied". This 13-track album it having 13-tracks alone should make it special in its own ranks, captures several songs to take note of like "Heart of Yggdrasil" has powerful vocal chords with even stunning instrumentals, each working together to create a style of sound that is timeless and breath taking throughout. Another song would be "Raging Wyverns", this one isn't as thrill seeking as its previous track, but it is still something to admire, by its mellow driven tunes, that keeps the music at bay except soothing, everything again works together, capturing riffs, grooves, and melody driven vocal chords that ties it up. "Lady Frost", is another tune that again is another tune seeker, having it capture the music at its finest ability. The vocal chords this time are more rawer and on the edge if you will, having the guitars, drums, and bass working more fast paced than the other tracks, having this one be more entertaining and exciting. This album by Incursed is one to behold and wonder, because it covers not just entertaining music but something so much more to it, a rather story telling formula that doesn't want to quit.

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