Monster High's Fright-Mares Takes the Pony Route

Mattel's Monster High will be ever expanding ever so further with several new lines and themes this one calling itself Fright-Mares! If the word "mare" didn't give you the hint, this line will feature some all new guys and ghouls in a centaur fashion, half pony and half creature! Now the first centaur was introduced in the Freaky Fusion line called Avea Trotter Daughter of a Harpy and Centaur her being a fused monster of as it says, half harpy and half centaur.

Avea Trotter Daughter of a Harpy and Centaur
These all new characters will be expressing this same type of formula being two monsters in one! By the looks of it there will be four in total, one resembling that of a Gargoyle, another a Skeleton, the next a Fairy and lastly one as a Sea creature. Expect these to be coming out soon!

Sea Creature

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