Premortal Breath - They

No matter the band, they all want to create a sound that's fresh and new, in this case Premortal Breath's full-length debut "They", uses heavy metal and melodic metal to their advantage. How so you ask, well it works like this, the 8-track release uses guitar driven aspects like riffs, groove appeal, with lots of tight edged vocals, that seems to float around the musical components at hand. Like take "Fuck My Brain", "Pain", and "Bloody Baby Shower", these impact that tight edged vocal aspect, while the instrumentals play along, keeping up with the riffs and groove appeal as discussed, it's clear that everything is there and is in check, it just plays out in its own mannerisms. As far as this release goes, "They" is a solid piece of work, that could use a bit of added touches to enhance a more in-depth experience with more emotion and rawer effects, to keep the music at an edger pace.

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