Dissorted - I

For a band to have a recognizable sound is quite something and for an act like Dissorted they have built one all their own. They have taken melodic metal and thrash metal to create something they call melodic thrash metal that is shown upon their debut EP "I". A brief introduction of 5-tracks some of which stand out above the next like "Eaten Alive", connects that fast melody with riffs happening at every direction, whereas the vocals are in tune with the music clearly, having it all work together as one function it's hard to tell them apart at times. "The New World", is another one of those in tune tracks that keeps that fast melody with tons of riffs happening, it's hard to resist the momentum roaring right along through the track itself. One other track that stands out like these others have done would have to be "Operation Observation", its slow and steady but still maintains that melody as the others, except it's more at ease if you will, creating a sound of its very own. "I" is a debut release that maintains to capture the fast paced essence that is melodic thrash metal and what Dissorted has done with it, it's new and refreshing yet their own thing.

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