Monster High's First Ever Musical!

Mattel's Monster High brand has expanded ever since it's debut a while back, now that some time has passed, so has the brand by introducing an all new aspect a first ever musical! Of course it features your favorite guys and ghouls including some all new ghouls as well! This will be an all new movie special titled "Boo York, Boo York A Monster Musical".  If your wondering on what this special will be about, pop singing sensation Catty Noir, has dug up some ghostly details on this ghastly gossip!

"Hey Ghouls and Mansters! Catty here. We have some fangtastic news--Monster High is headed to the fright lights, big city in our very first musical, Boo York, Boo York! All your favorite ghouls will be there - taking in the sights from Times Scare to the Monster Of Liberty! We'll be shopping for out-of-this-world fashions to wear to a fabulous party celebrating the rare Crystal Comet passing overhead! They say the Comet has mysterious magical powers - and the whole city is buzzing with "Comet Fever" about the big night! It's sure to be stellar.

We'll take in a show, but the plays on Bloodway aren't the only drama going on in Boo York when Monster High's favorite couple, Cleo and Deuce, BREAK UP! Though it all, we'll make some terror-riffic new friends! Like Elle Elledee, the music-loving DJ daughter of a Robot...Luna Motthews - daughter of the Mothman, she was drawn to the bright lights of old Bloodway. Then there's Moucedes King, the daughter of the Rat King from the Upper Beast Side--she's a bit of a spoiled rat, but has a heart of gold. And when the comet arrives - so does Astra Nova, a starry-eyed ghoul who pays a visit from the skies.

What magic does this crazy Comet have in store? Have you ever seen cooler fashions?"

You'll have to wait and see when this special movie comes out soon!

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