THE BLOODLINE Reveal New Album "We Are One" Details

The Bloodline previously Dire Within had this to say about their previous band's ending, "Once we began writing the new music, it truly took on a new life of its own, and all of us felt it was best to admit this is not Dirge Within in many ways. In addition the four of us do not want to limit ourselves in any form as musicians."

They will be releasing their debut full-length album "We Are One" under the new namesake, it's due out March 24th 2015 via Another Century Records. It was produced by Joel Wanasek whose done work with Righteous Vendetta and Vinyl Theatre. In regards to the album itself the band's guitarist Shaun Glass had this to say, "It's very groove-heavy with huge melodies and epic hooks, the listner can nod their heads and really lock in."

He adds on "This has been a long growing process. Everything fell into place. Nothing was forced. I hope people get addicted to the album. I want them to crave it. They can be a part of this with us forever."

The album's artwork has been revealed with the tracklisting and new song to be revealed soon!

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