The Autumn Offering – Self-Titled

Eleven years have passed since their formation and to this day not much has changed... except of course what most bands tend to deal with label swaps as well as band changes but when it's all said and done The Autumn Offering have still managed to remain the same. The only newest additions this time around is former Scum of the Earth and Silent Civilian guitarist Jesse Nunn and bassist Carl Bensley whom have added a great abilities and overall skills that have made this version of The Autumn Offering be the best they can be.

As far as this self-titled release goes it has vocalist  Matt McChesney who's been providing vocal attics since "Fear Will Cast No Shadow" (2007) he brings quite a bit of everything when you look at it, the gentle but smooth screams with heighten shrills echoing against the music just makes it all come full circle. This is by far one of The Autumn Offering's heavier efforts showcasing handy dandy riffs with crushing solo work it makes the music that more catchier. Like take "Born Dead", it's the "sneak preview" of what to expect and that is just the glimpse because when it all gets laid out you get thrown with some brutalizing material; "Death Mask', "Bloodlust" and "Among Wolves", these tunes alone are crying out for attention because their names are so intense.

The lyrics revolve around what McChesney has dealt with from his struggling substance abuse down to the road of recovery into what the future may hold within it all aligns in its proper placement when you listen in. So in the long run The Autumn Offering have succeeded yet again and by far have outdone themselves, fans alike will fall head over heels just after the first couple of seconds worth of material. 

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