Karabas Barabas Releases New Album "Sex with the Devil' and New Single"Alcohol"

Enigmatic, Psychedelic Rockers Karabas Barabas have released their much anticipated sophomore album, "Sex with the Devil". As with previous releases, the threesome's focus continues to be on creating unique and unusual music, with a pointedly political message. The newest single, "Alcohol," premiered with Tattoo.com.

"As the cheese doodle and cheat throws tiny Tim’s crutch into the fire to satisfy the will of the dark lord, Satan’s radioactive spawn is buried deep within the cooshie tooshie of the great Russian Czar by none other than the great beast himself Alex Jones." – Karabas Barabas


1. Sex with the Devil
2. Lahey
3. 50/50
4. Alcohol
5. That 70's Song
6. Immaculate Convection
7. Fuckarana
8. You Can't Do That
9. High Five
10. Jacques Lemaire

Check out an album stream right over HERE.

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