Austrian metal band Harakiri For The Sky has partnered with Spanish rock/metal magazine RockZone’s site Zona-Zero.net to premiere the band’s new song "Voidgazer." The track is found on the band’s highly anticipated new album, "Arson", which will debut February, 16th 2018 on AOP Records with distribution from Plastichead Distribution (Europe/North America/World) and Edel (Germany/Austria/Switzerland).

""Voidgazer," like the title already suggests, is something like a retrospective and a conclusion of my life so far and certainly also something like a summary and explanation of the previous songs on the album. That’s why it is the last song of "Arson", it draws and clarifies the battle lines." - J.J. (vocals)

Stream “Voidgazer” now at Zona-Zero.net: http://bit.ly/2DCbwOK.

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