Kaak - Litanies Of Pain

Kaak's EP "Litanies Of Pain", is just one of those releases you have no words for it. It takes on a variety of genres, for one thing, for another thing, these genres are industrial metal, death metal, metalcore, nu-metal with some others that do not even make sense. For the most part, it is an EP that rounds off an assortment of tracks that has a lot going on at once. Like for instance half of the EP is original tracks, while the other half consists of remixed versions of the original tracks. So you are hit with a double dose of music, that has no words of meaning for it. It is just material that is there, you get it, it entertains the listener and that is about it. For the most part, Kaak is an act that has got an idea of who they are and where they want to take their genre choices in terms of style and sound. "Litanies Of Pain", is the offering at hand, it expressing a creative mix of music that will get that body moving to the beats.

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