Enoquian - Llamas De Gloria Primera

Which way can the black metal genre be put into account next. For it is the likeness to that of Enoquian to be precise, their album "Llamas De Gloria Primera", doing a fair amount of damage to the genre, but in a good way. Listening in to this album is quite something else, as the album moves along, so does the material, each track showcasing a different stroke of appeal. Like for instance tracks like "Extremo Erróneo", "Herencia Terrena", and "Control Trapezoidal", are more or less the only tracks that really give way to how this album turns out in the end. It being an album of context, that is just downright evil. Evil being a word of choice due to the mannerisms of the material in question, because of how the quality goes, it is approachable in a more welcoming fashion. The tone of vocals and instrumentals being done by just a duo of performers, is saying something, because it all sounds very intense yet frank. Likely being a varying sense to the black metal genre, it being more modernized than anything in the way of how Enoquian is doing it here. Nonetheless though, "Llamas De Gloria Primera", is one piece of work, that makes the black metal genre more pleasing than anything else.

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