His Dream Of Lions - Pseudo Star

"Love Me Like I'm Sick", is not only the lead single to come off the EP "Pseudo Star" by His Dream Of Lions, but should be the anthem of the current epidemic that is the cold and flu season. While the song is not literally about an illness of these cases, it is more an in-between the lines tune, dealing with love and loss, but along those lines in a somewhat mannerism. In any case though, "Love Me Like I'm Sick", is the single of choice, and one that has such a kick going for it, it is no wonder that it was chosen as a single in the first place. Aside from this single though, the rest of the EP "Pseudo Star", is very fluid and vivid. It takes the styling that once was known by His Dream Of Lions, that was pop rock to a more indie rock, sounding a lot like Queen crossed with Fun and Colony House. You get so many emotions when listening in to it. You got your serious, intimate, empowering, touching, that is just shines through, pressing on to build upon what is there to make from it all. If any of that makes much sense or difference really. It turns out to be an EP that has turned His Dream Of Lions for the better, than the worse, in terms of change of pace, sound, and style. This new twist of fate, being good as it works for them, more so, on these senses, that it has an elemental flow, that only these guys can build and craft with, creating even more in-depth material, that will draw in more easily, and easier with each hear through, no matter the tune, it is that catching and upbeat.

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