Inhibitions - La Danse Macabre

"La Danse Macabre" of symphonic black metal band Inhibitions is very much like other acts taking on that choice of genre. These similarity of acts being too which are Dark Funeral, Belphegor, and even Dimmu Borgir. Literally that is whom you hear when listening to just the first track alone, that being "The Calling". This track leading to many others off this album such as "Toxic Run", "Back To The Dust", "No Escape", and "Religion Of Peace", to name a few. The rest of the tracks being more or less the same formula. You get this fast paced energy flow, that keeps the instruments and vocals in tune with one another, while each their own does do their thing, drawing you in with the melodies and harmonics of the music. Like how the vocal chords can sound eerie at times, it makes the music much more rounded. In other words of expression, it becomes a symphonic black metal genre, that is a lot like many others, but is still varying and different. It being more unique, creative, and well crafted, that it is more mellow but also intense too. It's really how "La Danse Macabre", paces itself outward for an act such as Inhibitions. They alone being an act of well balanced work, that is still eerie and freaky at the same time.

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