Garhelenth - About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth Of Tragedy

Garhelenth's most recent offering is an album that takes on the title of "About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth Of Tragedy". This album being case and point, an address to the content of the black metal genre, and how it has like many other things in existence changed. Garhelenth's style of the genre is nothing too different than how others have done it. But in the case of their styling's of it, it does sound quite different hence the term of change. It is different in a sense due to the fact of the quality of the music. How the instrumental and vocal working's sound so much alike, they tend to clash together more than anything. It makes the music more pushy, that it sounds intense yet progressive at times as well. When listening to the music more clearly, you get a depth of other acts within this genre, sounding much like Darkthrone, Bathory, Burzum, or even Hellsaw or Arckanum. That is how this album is like, a lot of those acts work, you get that same similarity of feeling, put into it. This not being a bad thing, but a good thing, because you get an ideal situation of what is expected when listening in. So by all means, "About Pessimistic Elements and Rebirth Of Tragedy", is an album that has got similarities to a point, but it makes up for it, by being different because Garhelenth is differed by many others, their black metal genre take is more varying than it should be.

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